Financial freedom has granted Patrick and Amber Nolan many luxuries that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to enjoy. To start, they were able to quit their 9-5 jobs. Many of us couldn’t imagine walking into work as a twenty-something and informing our bosses of our retirement, but Patrick and Amber did just that. Freeing themselves from their jobs left them feeling like their lives had just begun. They now have the liberty to structure their day together with no limitations. On a typical day, they wake up without needing to rely on an alarm and sit outside with coffee and a good book while watching the wildlife. They then have the choice whether to discuss business, go shopping, play a movie or meal prep. The Nolans love that they are even at liberty to do nothing more than sit outside and watch the beauty of the seasons changing.

After establishing a solid financial foundation, the duo has a whole bucket list to accomplish with the extra money and time that they earn. First things first, they want to share their success with their families. They’ve already had the pleasure of being able to send their parents on a week long anniversary trip, but they also hope to help send Amber’s nephew to private school. In addition to the things they want to do for their families, the couple also wants to travel. Everywhere. They look forward to letting their sense of adventure guide them to highest heights and the prettiest scenery imaginable. The Nolans also have a penchant for good food, so exploring the local cuisine while vacationing is definitely on the agenda. Last but not least, the pair enjoys being able to give back to the community. Service projects, fundraisers and holiday programs are just a few of the undertakings that they’ve dedicated their time to. Pat and Amber have partnered with community centers to give food and gifts to those who are less fortunate. In the future, their ultimate goal is to make their giving more large scale by tackling bigger service projects that touch even more people.