3 Effective Cardio Exercises That Lead to a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death across the globe. But healthy eating and stress management can significantly lower your chances of developing heart disease. In addition to those two factors, regular exercise is another reliable way to maintain excellent cardiovascular health. Specifically, aerobic exercises (also known as cardio) aim to increase both your oxygen intake and heart rate, which benefits the muscles of your heart. In order to reap the full benefits of aerobic exercise, you should work out at least five times a week. So here are three heart-healthy cardio exercises to help you get started. 


Walking is an easy way to condition your heart. You can alter your pace, length of steps and travel distance to accommodate your workout needs. Here are five different types of walking.

  • Walking-in-Place: Stationary marching, active arms, brisk pace
  • Lifestyle Walking: Normal leisurely stroll
  • Fitness Walking: Not as quick as jogging, but more rapid than your typical walking pace
  • Power Walking: Uses speed and arm movements to raise heart rate
  • Treadmill Walking: Usually occurs inside, but with the technological aspect, you can quickly transition to various speeds while tracking your progress


Swimming is a low impact, whole-body exercise that does wonders for your heart. This activity can reduce blood pressure and improve cholesterol while maintaining the flexibility of your arteries. Try swimming laps in the pool, mixing up different strokes, and implementing water aerobics. Remember to keep your heart rate in your target zone and stretch after your workout.  


Biking is another low-impact cardio exercise that has amazing benefits. Whether you choose to ride your bike amongst nature or stay inside on a stationary bike, cycling can help your cardiovascular health. Riding strengthens your heart, reduces stress levels, and trims body fat. So, hop on your bike and get your blood pumping!

A healthy heart is an integral part of your overall well being. With just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day, you can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Try these three cardio exercises to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

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