Three Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy During Back-to-School Season

Much preparation is needed when it’s time for kids to return to school. Coordinating drop-offs and pick-ups, bus routes, school supplies, and school clothes (to name a few) are all common focuses when getting ready to send your children back to school. One topic that is not typically covered in the hustle and bustle is the unseen force lurking in the mix of hundreds of kids – germs! Don’t let your student’s lack of concern about the dangers of illness prevent you from preparing them to have the healthiest school year possible. Here are three ways to keep your kids healthy during the back-to-school season. 


The first step is the sharing of knowledge. First and foremost, your kids need to have the proper education to understand what causes sickness and prevention. It’s important that they are aware of their power to protect themselves and their health. 

Mastering proper handwashing skills is one of the best ways to ward of illness. Because of the number of surfaces we come in contact with on a daily basis, contagious germs spread easily through touch. Germs are transferred by touching doorknobs, desks, pencils, and even other people. Once germs are on your hands, they pass to different parts of the body. Advise your kids to avoid touching their faces and to wash their hands as often as possible.  

Head lice is another schoolyard concern. Lice are easily spread because of the close proximity of students, so it is important to help your child understand how to avoid contracting them. Hugging can sometimes bring students close enough together to allow lice to travel from one person to another. One way to limit this is by suggesting high fives instead of hugs. 

Lastly, kids can help their friends stay healthy by limiting the spread of germs from sneezing and coughing. Teach your kids to cover their sneezes or coughs in the inner crook of their elbow. Doing so does a better job of containing germs rather than spreading them to their hands. 


Choosing nutritious foods is beneficial when it comes to staying healthy. Help your children by providing immune-boosting foods that strengthen their bodies’ defenses and enable them to fight off germs. 

Staying hydrated is important as well. Your children need water to be their healthiest selves. Water carries oxygen, regulates body temperature, helps organs filter out toxins and much more. Send your student to school with a water bottle each day and remind them to stay hydrated, even when they don’t feel thirsty.

Get Enough Sleep

Your children’s sleep routine matters. Since their bodies are growing and developing they require more sleep than adults. An appropriate amount of sleep helps their body recover and heal itself so the next day they are refreshed and at full strength. Implement restful sleep schedules and nighttime routines for your kids to help them remain healthy and happy. 


Cleanliness and sanitizing will ward off and kill germs effectively. Keep your surroundings pure by doing the following: 

  • Clean backpacks/folders/frequently used items
  • Wash shoelaces; they touch the ground often, passing along germs to your little ones’ hands when they tie their shoes
  • Sanitize residential doorknobs and light switches
  • Help your children get into the habit of washing their hands and changing their clothes when they get home from school

There’s much to be cautious of when trying to protect your children from illness. It may take a bit of effort, but it certainly is worthwhile. Use these three tips to instill proper habits to help your kids stay healthy and far away from the invisible germs and bacteria that surround them at school. 

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